Sunday, December 11, 2005

English for Science and Technology (EST)

EST aims to

  • provide learners with the language basis to access and understand materials on science and technology in English.
  • express ideas and concepts in English.

The EST curriculum enables learners to
  • obtain information by reading and understanding different text types in science and technology in English.
  • obtain information by listening to and viewing texts on science and technology in English.
  • access and understand information on the internet and other electronic media.
  • present information science and technology at an appropriate level in written and spoken English.
  • think critically and give points of view on issues pertaining to science and technology.

The EST syllabus lays on the foundation in the use of English in the fields of Science and Technology for the present and further studies.
EST does not aim to teach the subject matter of Science but to help learners develop the ability to
  • grasp basic concepts and ideas in Science.

  • understand methods of Science taught.

EST covers general science, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, environmental education and various technologies.

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