Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Characteristics of a Good Persuasive Essay – Persuasive Essays Part 4

The Purpose of Writing a Persuasive Essay
We write a persuasive essay to convince the readers to agree with our judgement and adopt our way of thinking. We as the writers try to convince the readers to accept our argument and conclusions besides to share our values. In order to achieve these purposes, we have to write a good persuasive essay with all the characteristics written below.

The Characteristics of a Good Persuasive Essay
Convincing – The readers must be able to feel your confidence through reading your essay. You must be able to communicate your persuasion in writing.

Not too long nor too short – You don’t have to write a lengthy thesis statement to deliver your messages. Readers tend to lose their interest quickly when they read a long-winded essay. A comprehensive piece of writing works best to convince the readers.

Written from a reader’s perspective – Make sure you don’t write from your own (writer’s) perspective in writing persuasive essay. Unlike other essay types, persuasive essay fails to catch the readers’ attention if it is written from a writer’s perspective. Instead, if it is written from the reader’s perspective, the persuasive essay looks interesting and persuading.

Support ideas with facts and quotes – Readers always believe the facts included in your essay. Try to include some medical reports, public surveys, newspaper headlines, etc to make your essay more persuasive. Keep in mind that none will be convinced if your essay is dull and hardly to find any fact. Quotation from famous people works equally well too!

Stat a clear conclusion – End your essay with your clear judgement or conclusion. Never end your essay without a clear conclusion or you will fail to deliver your messages. A clear conclusion of your persuasive essay will stay in the reader’s mind for a long time.

This post is the Part 4 of Persuasive Essay Series.

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