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Persuasive Essay Writing Guide - Persuasive Essays Part 2

Writing Persuasive Essay
In persuasive writing, the persuasive essay writer try to convince the readers to agree with the writer's facts, share the values, accept the argument and conclusions and adopt the writer's way of thinking.

Writing persuasive essays is easy; all you need is to follow this persuasive essay writing guide. The six steps persuasive essay writing guide aims to help you to write a professional piece of persuasive essay.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay
1. Brainstorm ideas for your persuasive essay topic.
List out the facts related to your persuasive essay topic. It is easy to brainstorm ideas related to your essay topic by following the guide we have discussed before.

2. Write the outline of your persuasive essay.
Keep in mind that a good persuasive essay consists of at least five paragraphs: one paragraph for introduction, three paragraphs for body and one paragraph for conclusion.

3. Write the introduction of your persuasive essay.
The introduction of a persuasive essay is very important to catch the reader's attention. Some writing styles used by most effective writers include:
- Quotation
- Statistic or Fact
- Question
- Strong Statement

4. Write the body of your persuasive essay.
Write one topic sentence per paragraph. A topic sentence is a sentence that contains the main point. Elaborate the topic sentence or main point to be a full paragraph. Put evidence, facts, statistics and/or research in the essay body.

5. Write the conclusion of your persuasive essay.
End your essay by summarizing the most important details or points in the essay. Including your personal comment in the conclusion makes your persuasive essay more convincing.

6. Proofread your essay and do some necessary correction.
Read through your essay and correct all spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure your essay is as persuasive as it can be. Try to convince your readers by using stronger language. For instance, replace the modal verb 'may' to 'will'.

In the end, you will notice that writing a persuasive writing need a lot of facts. A piece of fact less writing is unpersuasive and dry. No one will be convinced by this kind of essays. Don't worry since you can actually gather a lot of facts related to your essay topic by doing a quick search using search engine.

This post is the Part 2 of Persuasive Essay Series.

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