Saturday, June 10, 2006

Types of English Essays

Types of English Essays
There are many types of English essays; some of them are listed below in details.

Academic Essays
Perhaps most of the essays the average people write in a lifetime are academic essays. School essays, college essays and university essays are examples of academic essays. Academic essays are very important since they influence ones’ academic results. Grammatical and spelling errors should be avoided in this type of essays to score a better grade.

Application Essays
You write this type of essay to apply something. For instance, you write scholarship essay to apply certain scholarship. Since competition for scholarship is always very tough, you should write your essay with your best efforts. Sometimes, you can write the scholarship essay at home and submit them whereas some scholarship providers require the applicants to write the essay in a limited time at certain location.

Entrance Essays
Entrance essay is essay which you write and submit to certain organization to be examined. Once your essay is graded to certain good levels, you will be accepted to the organization. Essays of this type include college entrance essay, university entrance essay, interview essay, etc

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