Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Buy and Sell Essay Writing in 2007

We saw the strong growth in online activities in 2006 – something that not many of the web-savvy users could foresee back in years ago. Most of the activities that we can do in our real life can be done in the internet or the virtual life as some call it. In this post, I would like to make some predictions in online essay writing industry in the following year, 2007.

While the access to internet has become easier and cheaper, more students will buy essays online next year. Our country, Malaysia for instance, experienced exponential increase in the number of broadband users since several value-for-money broadband internet connection services have been made available early this year. Following the growth, big name in online marketplace – Ebay extended its market to Malaysia by launching www.ebay.com.my for Malaysians to buy and sell goods for free.

In the past, I’ve never thought of buying or selling essays online. However, when buying and also selling essays need just a few clicks of keyboard to complete the transaction, everything looks so simple and straightforward. Besides that, the price of a genuinely or exclusively written essay is very cheap - $5 per essay only when I last checked. Hence, I foresee the transaction rate in online essay writing industry will continue to grow rapidly.

More and more pupils and students will turn to internet to buy essay online to fulfil their school, college or university task or assignment. Increasing number of undergraduates will buy graduate thesis online or pay an online professional thesis writer to edit and proofread the thesis written. More people will buy essay and thesis online or pay someone online for essay or thesis editing and proofreading services despite the fact that most schools or universities do not like that.

On the essay seller perspective, next year would be a very profitable year. There will be some intense competition between the big essay selling companies in the pay-per-click advertising area. These essay writing companies would spend more in advertising compared to 2006, trying to gain a bigger market share in the essay writing industry.

For smaller essay sellers or individual writers, there will be much more opportunities available next year. There will be an increase demand in the services of the essay writers, article writers, thesis writers, copywriters, ghost writers, speech writers and any occupation deviated from the essay writing industry.

One of the things that will often be sacrificed when the demand increases is the quality – in this case, the quality of the essays we buy. Being the smart buyers, we should always buy from quality essay writing companies. There should be a balance between cheap and good English essays.

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