Thursday, May 31, 2007

Comments on Top 10 English Grammar Myths

I have spent a lot of time researching and writing the post, Top 10 English Grammar Myths in Essay Writing with the intention to dispel the myths among English users. Unexpectedly, it has received a few constructive comments and aroused a little controversy.

Some argue that the myths that I’ve listed are not myths but practical English rules that are still being obeyed especially in academic writing. I think that I should let the readers to decide whether they want to follow the rules or help to dispel the myths. Anyway, I reposted the comments from both sides below. Please take note that I edited their comments for clarity.

steive commented,

That was just cringeworthy.

Academically speaking, I think at least seven out of these ten just do not fly. Any professor worth their boots wouldn't recognize (let alone encourage) casual or journalistic grammar in an essay that was to be turned in. This is completely silly.

cupid9 replied,
Did your ever read newspapers? Although newspapers are not academic writings, they do indicate the above changes in English. Mind you, newspaper is the front line of English revolution.

Also, please check one of the references. Those claiming these myths are professionals English users including English professors that author several English grammar and usage guide books.

moriquendo said,
Those 'myths' are called rules of grammar and style. Following them makes for good (essay) writing, it allows you to express yourself more clearly (everybody likes to be understood). Also, 'yes-no-and-or-but' English can be rather tedious to read. Not following them gives the impression of sloppiness and ignorance.

master-o-nerd commented,
It Is a must read for all those people who are determined to learn. In this 21st century English is a universal language and we need to update students with modern styles and types of English and encourage its use rather than considering it as wrong English. And yes, this does apply to the exams as well!

Please don't forget to read all three comments posted at that particular post.

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