Monday, April 30, 2007

Ultimate English Grammar and Spelling Guides

  1. 10 Flagrant Grammar Mistakes that Make You Look Stupid
    1. Loose for lose
    2. It's for its (or god forbid, its')
    3. They're for their for there
    4. i.e. for e.g
    5. Effect for affect
    6. You're for your
    7. Different than for different from
    8. Lay for lie
    9. Then for than
    10. Could of, would of for could have, would have

  2. Common Errors in English
    It's aimed at the most common errors of native speakers. The errors others make in English differ according to the characteristics of their first languages.

  3. Common Mistakes and Tricky Word Choices
    Sometimes we need to make word choices. Sometimes we misuse words or phrases in standard English. This list includes many of the most common problems.

  4. Ten Serious Grammar Mistakes
    1. Stop runaway sentences
    2. "However" needs a cap and a comma
    3. Get itsy bitsy "its" correct
    4. Put apostrophes in their place
    5. Trap the wandering "only"
    6. Me me me, not I myself
    7. Items on a list must be a matching set
    8. Each and every one is singular
    9. Get tricky subjects to agree with their verbs
    10. Make sure your starter phrase refers to the very next word

  5. Spelling: Common Words that Sound Alike
    Many words sound alike but mean different things when put into writing. The list will help you distinguish between some of the more common words that sound alike.

  6. Pictures: School Dean Sends Home Letter to Students Filled with Spelling Errors and Glad that English not offered at this tuition centre (See picture below).

  7. Common Spelling Errors
    The World Wide Web is crammed with useful information, but marred by occasional spelling errors.

  8. 100 Most Often Misspelled Words In English
    There are the 100 words most often misspelled ('misspell' is one of them). Each word has a mnemonic pill with it and, if you swallow it, it will help you to remember how to spell the word. Master the orthography of the words on that page and reduce the time you spend searching dictionaries by 50%.

  9. 10 Most Misspelled Words in Blogs
    The reason you should review this list is because a spell checker won’t correct these for you.

  10. 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation
    Great list compiled from Purdue University online writing lab.

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