Sunday, December 16, 2007


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Feeling thankful is how I feel now. The greatest present to receive is the sense of content and gratitude that I feel. No matter how much I earn or the value of properties I owe, without sharing, how life can be?

Few years back when I was in school, my mind was set on money and branded items. No matter how badly life has for me, nothing can bring me further away from my set-mind. From many hardships, I struggle for a presence, a name, a status. I need to let people know what I have and what I can achieve.

As time passes and sky is unlimited, people change so do I. I turn to God. I turn to my family. I turn to my faith. Nothing can make me feel more content than myself. I need to satisfy my own need before I make my way to the world. Love, Peace and Happiness are what I believe now. As I mention earlier on, faith is the tool for all lives. Imagine a world without faith? How can one trust someone or something? Take for an example a relation between two sexes. Both need to gain the trust and belief before embarking a journey together. It’s a journey of understanding as well as respect. Nothing can bring two down with the concrete tools both have.

No matter how much money is flowing in my bank accounts or how many properties waiting in my list, as long as I don’t feel content with myself, nothing would. All these are material visions that count only for a short period of happiness. I want a long lasting happiness. A happiness that can be shared by everyone even passer-by.

I turn my life to myself, family and GOD. It revolves with them. Not that I’m a 100% believer in God but somehow or another, it smooths my daily life whenever I trust on something. I believe what comes around goes around in life. Why one should feels frustrated and irritated when aim is not reached? Why? Ask yourself deep in your heart? Is it worth the temper-rush? The best way to do is to look at the problem with a smile on your face and a relax heart. Turn back and don’t let your anger out from your box. Think appreciation that mistakes are made and told to you. All you need to do: CHANGE.

It is as simple as ABC.

In life, if only one can recognize the significant of Trust, Understanding, Faith and Love our world is in its greatest condition.


Anonymous said...

"Faith" is riddled with grammatical errors and questionable wording, but no typos at all, giving me the impression that it was written with the purpose of providing the reader with a faulty essay for them to correct. I didn't find any notes indicating that this was the case, however, and because the note at the top states that it is a good English essay, I felt the need to comment and claim that it should either be described as an intentionally erroneous essay, or removed from the list of "Good English Essays."

C said...

Why don't you correct the errors by posting the corrections as comment on this post instead of complaining without adding any value to this essay? Isn't that learning from each others (readers) a nice experience?