Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MUET Reading Test Specifications

Candidates are assessed on their ability to comprehend various types of text of varying length and level of complexity (content and language).

MUET reading test assessment will cover the following:

(i) comprehension

  • skimming and scanning
  • extracting specific information
  • identifying main ideas
  • identifying supporting details
  • deriving the meaning of words, phrases, sentences from the context
  • understanding linear and non-linear texts
  • understanding relationships
    − within a sentence
    − between sentences
  • recognizing a paraphrase

(ii) application
  • predicting outcomes
  • applying a concept to a new situation
(iii) analysis
  • understanding language functions
  • interpreting linear and non-linear texts
  • distinguishing the relevant from the irrelevant
  • distinguishing fact from opinion
  • making inferences
(iv) synthesis
  • relating ideas and concepts
    − within a paragraph
    − between paragraphs
  • following the development of a point or an argument
  • summarizing information

(v) evaluation
  • appraising information
  • making judgements
  • drawing conclusions
  • recognizing and interpreting writers’ views, attitudes or intentions
Possible genres
Articles from journals, newspapers and magazines, academic texts, electronic texts

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