Monday, April 09, 2012

MUET MOMENTS: Lesson 3: Listening Skills II


Part II of the Listening Test can take the form of a short talk or a narrative account of some events. Look at the example below:

Voice 1: Part II

Voice 2: PANDA Paints (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has launched its 2012 Young Designer Award for two categories of students -- interior design and architecture. The theme of the contest is Making a Difference.

The competition is open to degree students enrolled in schools of interior design (second year of study) and architecture (third year) in Malaysia. Entries for the award are required to demonstrate sustainability in terms of materials, maintenance, energy use as well as water and waste management.

In addition to colour innovation and coordination, novelty of design and aesthetics, participants will be judged on energy performance of their work.

Top winners from each category will receive RM5,000 and a laptop each.

Runners-up will get RM2,000 each and two honorary mentions will receive RM1,000 each.

The top six winners will get to work with an interior design or architect firm in Malaysia or abroad. They will also  join a fully paid overseas study tour.

All entries must be received by the end of this month. Incomplete and late entries will be disqualified.

Voice 1: You are now given one minute to answer Questions 9-14. (Pause one minute)

For Questions 9 and 10, complete the sentences using the letters A-F from the box below.

A. degree
B.  Making a Difference
C. interior design and
D. second year of study
E. third year of study
F. Malaysian

The 2012 Young Designer Award is open to 9. _____________________students and is open to 10. ____________________ students only.

For Questions 11-14, circle the correct answer.

11. Award entries must show the following except………
A. environmental sustainability
B. colour control
C. budget sense

12. All designs submitted should be
A. fabricated
B. original
C. relevant

13. Second prize winners from each category will receive
A. cash award
B. trophies
C. cash award and trophies

14. Entries which are received _____________ the closing date will be disqualified.
A. after
B. before
C. on

Source: Learning Curve - New Straits Times

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