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MUET MOMENTS: Lesson 8: Understanding sense relationships — Text cohesion


Understanding sense relationships — Text cohesion
It is important for a writer to make sure that the text that he writes makes sense to the reader. This means that he should ensure that the sentences he writes are well connected and related to the main topic that he has in mind.

Linking words or discourse markers are cohesive devices. With the use of linking words, sentences can be put together for easy comprehension. See the table below:

Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate discourse marker.

Media studies is an academic discipline and field of study that deal with the content, history (1)________________ effects of various media; in particular, the “mass media”. Researchers may develop and employ theories and methods from disciplines (2)_______________ cultural studies, rhetoric, philosophy, literary theory, psychology and political science.

Separate strands exist within media studies, (3)____________ television studies. Contemporary media studies includes the analysis of new media with emphasis on the Internet, video games, mobile devices, interactive television and other forms of mass media which developed from the 1990s. (4)_______________ these new technologies allow instant communication across the world (chat rooms and instant messaging, online video games, video conferencing), interpersonal communication is an important element in new media studies.

In secondary schools, an early “film studies” course was (5)____________ taught as part of the Victorian junior secondary curriculum during the mid 1960s.

By the early 1970s, an expanded “media studies” course was being taught. Due to its success, the course (6)_______________ became part of the senior secondary curriculum.

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1. and
2. such as
3. for example
4. because
5. first
6. subsequently

Source: Learning Curve - New Straits Times

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