Sunday, April 06, 2014

That is the reward for my patience and hardwork - SPM English Essay Writing

Write story ending with: "...That is the reward for my patience and hardwork."

        No guts no glory. No pain no gain. Those are my life mottos. I feel that nothing can be achieved by simply sitting and doing absolutely nothing to make dreams come true. Life can be so hard especially when you are not born with silver spoon in yuor mouth. It is also the time when true friends are hard to comeby just because you do not much money to treat them at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Burger King. That is something that I have experienced ever since my family moves to this metropilitan city and I study in the new school.

        In my new school I study hard to complete with all my fellow classmates who come from all walks of life but most are from rich background. They have all that I have ever wanted in my life but fail to get. They can buy branded shoes and clothes, unlike my worn out Bata. They afford the latest handphones brands with the latest technology but me? There is nothing I could do to be on par with them. So, I just let them show off their fancy gadgets without feeling remorse with the fact that I am only an ordinary student coming from a family clerk. I just feel sad that they act as if I do not have feelings. I do not feel the least discourage since I know that I can also be like them one day if I work hard enough to score in my SPM exam.

        Day after day, night after night, I do not to do anything else but concentrate on my studies. Spm examination is just around the corner and I have no other wish apart from wanting to pass Spm with Flying colours. My parents are my inspirations. They always remind me to work hard and hange our fate, make them proud as well as prove to everybody that a son of a plain clerk can also succeed in life and deserve some respect. At times, I feel so stressed out that I almost give up and cry. Nevertheless, thinking of my parent's hope and wishes, I would never surrender and that is my final decision. I engage myseld in group discussion, have consultations with my Physics and Chemistry teachers, the two subjects that I am weak at as well as burn as much midnight oil as possible to atain my ultimate goal-10A+ in the exam. Sometimes, I feel overworked myself but I know I have to muster every single once of my strength to pull through this ordeal and pray that it will end soon.

        The most awaited moment has arrived. With prayers and good luck wishes from my father and mother, I step into my examination hall with full awareness that I have to do really well in the exam to realize all my parent's dreams and mine. The torturous moments last for three weeks and as far as I am concerned time really flies but I trust myself that I have given my very best for each paper.

        March 2015 comes I heard on the television that the SPM 2014 result will be out today. With anticipation and nervousness I walk to school with my good friend Samah. I cannot imagine getting less than 8A+ because according to my conselor, only getting 8A+ will I be able to secure any scholarship, something which is very important to me due to my parent's incapability to pay for my tertiary education. The moment Ms. Asiah, my form teacher hands me the result slip, my heart skips a bea. i am cold from feet to toe from the suspense. Then the moment arrives! It is the most unforgettable time of my life. I mange to get 10A+ and my prayer has been answered. Thank God for giving me apportunity to succeed and make my parents proud. That is the reward for my patience and harwork.

Source: By Roshini Bala

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