Thursday, March 16, 2006

Introduction to Persuasive Essay – Persuasive Essays Part 1

What is Persuasive Essay?
In short, persuasive essay is a piece of essay writing aiming to persuade its readers to achieve some purposes. There is always a clear purpose behind every persuasive essay. For instance, the persuasive essay may persuade its reader to buy a product, join a program, make a decision, etc.

You might have read many persuasive essays before, without realizing they are actually persuasive essays. Just read the newspaper or magazine, you might come across advertisements with a full or half page description about products, you might also read through product reviews. Try visit any website, you might find out that at least two thirds of the websites have a piece of writing (essay) asking you to join their membership, subscribe to their newsletter and / or buy their products online, you name it. During English class at school, you might be asked by your teacher to write a persuasive essay (persuasive letter) in order to encourage your cousin to stop smoking.

The Importance of Persuasive Essays
Persuasive essays are very important and useful nowadays and it is true to say that most of the essays we read are persuasive essays.

In marketing industry, persuasive essay writers are hired to write persuasive essays to promote some products or services such as an apartment, a car, a book and a weight-loss programme to name a few. In online affiliate marketing, persuasive essays can help to generate tons of cash. Persuasive essays work effectively since most people often believe what they read.

In some non-profit organizations, persuasive essays are used to spread an idea such as ‘Peace No War’, ‘Green Cities’ and ‘Protect Our Children’.

In school or even during a test or examination, the students have to write persuasive essays. The persuasive essay topics may include a letter to your friend convincing him to stop smoking, a public speech on the topic ‘Stay Healthy’…

In a nutshell, persuasive essays are more and more important nowadays. You have to learn how to write a good persuasive essay to succeed in your own field, whether you are a writer, salesman, online marketer, a teacher or a student.

This post is the Part 1 of the Persuasive Essay Series.

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