Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Persuasive Essays – The Series

Last month, Good Essays has posted a series on Essay Writing Guide. In the following two months, Good Essays is going to post on Persuasive Essays. You can follow the full series by visiting this blog regularly.

The Series on Persuasive Essays
You can read all of the four posts in this series by clicking the links below:
Part 1: Introduction to Persuasive Essay – What is persuasive essay? What is the importance of persuasive essays?
Part 2: Persuasive Essay Writing Guide - Writing persuasive essay. How to write a persuasive essay?
Part 3: Persuasive Essay Topics - Common persuasive essay topics. More persuasive essay topics available in the Internet.
Part 4: The Characteristics of a Good Persuasive Essay - The purpose in writing a persuasive essay. The elements in a good persuasive writing.

Good Essays will finish this series by the end of April.

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