Saturday, July 29, 2006

Malaysian University English Test Components

There are four components in Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

Listening Test
Paper 1 (800/1)
Listen to three recorded texts and answer 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQ).
Weightage: 15%
Duration: half an hour
Read MUET listening tips.

Speaking Test
Paper 2 (800/2)
2 minutes for individual presentation and 10 minutes for group discussion.
Weightage: 15%
Duration: half an hour
Read MUET speaking tips.

Reading Test
Paper 3 (800/3)
50 questions based on different types of passages including cloze passage, information transfer, interpretation of diagrams, tables and graphs and comprehension passage.
Weightage: 45%
Duration: two hours
Read MUET reading tips.

Writing Test
Paper 4 (800/4)
One summary writing and one composition.
Weightage: 25%
Duration: one and a half hour
Read MUET writing tips.


1 comment:

"Zach" said...

Good news for lower sixer this year- New MUET specifications: For the listening component, the new specifications will see an increase in texts and questions. There is also more variety in question type. For the reading component, cloze passage has been removed. For the writing component, summary writing has also been taken out.

The summary question has always been regarded as one of the tougher components in MUET. Even though I am appalled at the removal of the Summary question, I have to agree that it looks more like a reading rather than a writing question, as candidates spend a lot of time reading the text. However, I still think that the skill of summarizing is an important skill in life.