Saturday, August 26, 2006

MUET Listening (Paper 800/1) Tips

How to improve your listening skills?

Listen to wide range of audio materials
Since the recorded texts in MUET may include dialogues, radio talk shows, etc, the more types of audio materials you have listened, the more prepared you are.

Listen to television news broadcasts
News broadcasts are very informative and up-to-date. Try to watch and listen to news broadcasts daily at regular time, this way you will be addicted to news broadcasts.

Listen to conversation in the movies
When watching movies, sitcoms or dramas, instead of reading the subtitles, you should listen to the conversation between the actors. If English is not your mother tongue, you may find it quite hard to start. Try to train yourself not to read the subtitles but listen carefully to what the actors are talking about in the movies.

Listen to radio talk shows
This is another effective way to boost your listening skill. Tune in to your favourite radio station and enjoy the talk shows.

Listen to podcasts available on the Internet
Similar to blog (weblog), podcast is something very new in the Web 2.0, even dictionaries haven’t coin these words. Download some podcasts on your preferred topics and enjoy them while upgrading your listening skill.


Unknown said...

Excuse me.. can i ask u something... and i need the answer urgently... plzz... coz i'm worried.. ^_^
My question is simple... i just took the MUET exam yesterday.. (2012/NOV) and i'm not sure about my answer is right or wrong... not the answer... but on how i write the answer... for Part 2 (Listening test) for Question 9 and 10...
where i'd been answering the question by rewrite the sentences of the answer.. instead of write its answer in the form of letter from A-F... based on your opinion.. is my answer in that form of sentences is correct..? i beg for ur kindness to answer... hopefully my answers will be accepted... thank you for listening...

MUET Guide said...

Guys! I've try some tips form a website for the MUET test past November. And guess what? I've got Band 4 for the test. Ohh. Really unbelievable. The real problem is speaking test. Try to train hard for the speaking test. Lets start your conversation in English. You also can try this tips. Panduan MUET Really worth buying lahh.