Monday, October 09, 2006

MUET Speaking Past Years' Questions

MUET October 2006
How a fresh graduate can succeed in workplace besides good academics?

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to cooperate with others
  • Computer skills
  • Self-discipline

How to encourage the students to read more?
  • Set up a reading corner around the college
  • Equip the library with more interesting materials
  • Second hand book store
  • Reward those who read more

What would make a good life partner?
  • Religious
  • Wealthy
  • Good-looking
  • Fun to be with

How to promote tourism in Malaysia?
  • Build more tourist spots
  • Build more affordable hotels
  • Using Information Technology (IT)
  • More facilities

How to attract customers?
  • Reasonable price
  • Extend business hours
  • Fresh goods
  • Helpful and courteous staffs

What challenge would be faced by youth in 21st century?
  • Knowledgeable skills
  • Resources
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Good in studies and active in co-curriculum activities

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Anonymous said...

heelo are u? =].well im gonna sit for MUET exam this saturday.1st thanx 4 da post of muet speaking of 2006 topics.i think there will be the latest information on dis blog,maybe list of 2007 speaking topics.could anybody shares what they know?and my speaking test will be on 13 may 2008.hopefully ppl will help me and others.thanx a lot.

Anonymous said...

hi there..i will sit for my speaking test tommorow..12 may 2008. i don't know what i'm going to speak. i'm very afraid that i can't think the idea..i was very upset with my writing yesterday bcoz i spend to much time on my summary. ;-(

Anonymous said...

hi! it is obvious that people who viewed this blog is going to sit for their speaking test. well, me too. i am nervous that i cannot express my ideas properly. during speaking practice, i have a lots in mind but difficult to translate.

asiahraja said...

Hi, guys!first of all, i want to admit that i'm not sitting for MUET yet..i'm just 'drop by' here just to explore what its like going to be when i'm sitting for MUET soon..i'm 17 now (2011). actually i'm looking for some 'stuffs' to make my english better...suddenly, isaw this site then, i decided to give it a go...i want to share with all of you how can i speak in english (even there are so many errors) confidently..easy..although in MUET u cannot make any mistake but in practicising, its ok...1st its ok....coz eveyrthing start with 0 right? actually i become a good english speaker by doing these:

asiahraja said...

1) speak in english with all teachers that use english in their subject (its gonna be better if you can speak in english among your family at home 'coz you'll feel comfortable with 'em"
2)listen to english songs (i recommend>taylor swift, maher zain, because they've got good and simple words in their lyrics)
3)use yahoo messenger, join any room (country that use english as their linguafranca), click a friend then, start chatting. (trhats wat i've done with a canadian boy, just talk about simple 'stuffs' like artist he'she like)
4)read out-loud english book.(recomandation: story books or any books you like,so, you'll not be bored of it)
5)watch english movie and try not to read the subtitle(for the 1st time,its ok)
~i hope this will help you~

My LOVE Precious Life said...

Thanks for the guidance .I believe I can do it .

Anonymous said...

Want to find some tips on writing and suddenly, reach this article. These are based on my experience. I'm taking MUET for 2nd times to improve grade and proficiency. Pray for me. :)

October/November 2012

What is the role played to curb the crime rate of abusing the children?

July 2013

A good citizen should have certain principles.
-loyals to the country
-respect other communities
-obeys the law
-has high moral values

Anonymous said...

My I know spot question or issues
in writing July 2013