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Persuasive Essay Example: Cell phones - One of Our Greatest Technologies Misused

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Cell phones have lost their meaning over the years. These small devices were once developed to get in contact with someone else in case of emergencies, and now talking on the phone while driving has turned out to be a way of life for millions of American drivers. More than 85 percent of the 100 million cell-phone subscribers frequently talk on the phone during driving.( Talking on the cell phone while driving should be illegal, because of the dangers they cause. Driving while using the cell phone is one of the major problems here in the US. Cell phones should not be used while driving. This matter is too dangerous to let it go unnoticed.

According to the essay, Yes, Prohibit Their Use, which appeared on the congressional quarterly’s web site on March 16, 2001, the Harvard Center for risk analysis printed a study in 1999. They appointed a crash risk factor to using cell phones. In the summer of 2000 it came out to 450 to 1,000 fatalities each year. The NHTSH says that for every fatality, there are 666 property-damage and injury-producing crashes. There are about 300,000 and 650,000 different crashes due to cell phones! This same essay states that Japan is one of the 14 countries banning the use of handheld cell phones while driving. The accidents caused by the use of cell phones dropped by 75 percent the next month, proving cell phones are not necessary parts of the driving nature.

There are major dangers connected with driving and cell phone use. Drivers have to take their eyes off the road while dialing. Also, drivers can get so deep into their conversations that their ability to concentrate may be dangerously limited. This jeopardizes the safety of the people inside the vehicle, and the pedestrians outside. In order to drive safely, the driver should be able to put 100% of his or her focus on the road. Cell phones are simply a huge distraction while driving.

It is understandable that there are some cases where the use of a cell phone is needed. In these cases, I agree with the author of Yes, Prohibit Their Use, the driver should pull-over somewhere safe to use the phone. If someone receives an incoming call, he should wait until the car has come to a complete stop. Then he should proceed to use the phone. If he feels that the emergency is urgent enough to take action right away, then the person should use the hands free headset. Only in emergencies should cell phones be used.

Some people argue that there are other distractions other than cell phones. While using a cell phone when driving may not be the most unsafe distraction, studies prove that it is the most common cause of car crash accident, and common cause of death here in the US.

The use of cell phones while driving should be banned in Philadelphia, because many people die due to distraction of cell phones. Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year. ( Another reason to not use the cell phone while driving is devastating the many lives of the victims and their families in the case of an accident.

When driving, cell phones should not be allowed. Help the statistics decrease not increase.

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