Sunday, December 04, 2011

Descriptive Essay: A Demonic Gold

This good English essay was submitted by Nathan. This descriptive essay is about two meerkats that are looking at something great! You can submit your essay and get it published on this blog too!

These two young, petite meerkats are fixing their gaze, with their inquiring, ball-shaped eyes on a spectacle that you do not see everyday. They are so mesmerized, and it is as if the meerkats are in some kind of a trance. They are standing straight and upright, like a soldier waiting for his superior.

The sight is of a small girl around the tender age of five. She has the face of an angel. It is one that is so pure, and it has a shine that fills the park up with life.

Her skin is very light and smooth. There are no wrinkles, no scars and no blemishes present. It is as soft as a baby’s skin, brand new from birth and right out of its mother’s womb.

She is like a dove coming down from heaven, and changing its physical looks. Nothing on this earth can be so perfect, in appearance that is.

There is something unknown about her. It is something that cannot be placed. Her eyes are dark blue, and they are contrasted by a peculiar green that is encircling the blue. The most catching thing about her eyes, is that there is a tiny spark of crimson red, tucked beneath the prominent blue.

The sun is starting to set over the green hills. The park is filled with a gold brilliance that shines its light on the autumn leaves, rebounding the rays of the sun.

And then the sun goes down. Everything changes with an extremely drastic force. The colours cease to exist. The leaves on the floor are hiding away, crouching under their superiors, the trees. The golden colours of autumn have disappeared; they have drifted away into nothing.

The little girl’s appearance has also changed. You can no longer see her beautiful blonde hair, but instead long strands of string that have changed to fit in with the dark presence of the night.

It is now the blue’s hues being imprisoned. Her eyes have changed to a crimson red, surrounding her pitch black pupils. She is not what she appears when everyone can see her. She is something evil and dark. She is something that does no good. She is something that destroys lives and takes away happiness.

What she really is, is something that only she knows, and only she will ever know.

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