Thursday, September 08, 2011

STPM MUET & SPM 2011 Tips to Effective English Essay Writing

STPM MUET & SPM 2011 English 1119 Model Essays / Sample Essays / Example Essays & Articles
Persuasive / Argumentative Essay: Money
Descriptive Essay: My Mother
Descriptive Essay: My Favourite TV Programme
Descriptive Essay: The Night Market
Autumn on Sugarbush Street
Thoughts On Sharing
Of Bombs and Ice-Cream
After all, it isn't that bad
Malaysia, a Unique Country
Education Curriculum in India Has Stopped Producing Intellectuals

MUET & SPM 2011 English Actual Past Years Topics
SPM Descriptive Essays
SPM Narrative Essays
SPM Factual Essays
SPM Reflective Essays
SPM Single Word Titled Essays
Analysis of SPM English 1119 Past Years' Questions
MUET Past Years Speaking Questions

PMR, SPM 2011 English 1119 & STPM MUET Essay Writing Hot Topics
Citizen / Citizenship
Mobile Phone / Hand phone / Cell phone

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