Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Descriptive Essay: Friend

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This friend I have is special, whilst young, intelligent and righteous. He lives with me since he was born, a pleasure to have all these years.The strength to face each day can sometimes be drawn from knowing him.

When I watch him dribble around with the ball at the street soccer court then knocking it into the goal leaving the opponent frustrated there is unspeakable pride and joy emitting from the core of my heart. How this fine young man has grown from a novice soccer player just three years ago to a forwarder that instill fear to defenders who have to mark him. A elusive player who pass his opponent with ease and elegant he can match the highest standard of the land.

The fond memories of the time we spend together still lingers in my mind. Bringing him to the movies, watching him fight with his sisters still sits in my mind. When he is younger, he never kept still and even climb out of the cradle that is meant to restrain him. That is when he is only two years old and that time nearly got a spanking from his grand mother.

The coolest transformation is his hair. It uses to be always gelled and groomed into the "curry puff" look that is the trademark look that signifies his childhood days. Curry puff is a local snacks that has ultra ordinary puff when fried. Youth has robbed away that and reinstall a new image to befit the modern time. The "anime" type spike hairstyle is now the replacement. Skinny jeans with a smart tee shirts is the order of the day when he needs to go for a outing. While I would prefer him to be in long sleeved shirt and a business pant, his peer may feel out of place with this sort of strange outfit.

Our favorite chat always centered on his favorite Barclay Premier League Club Chelsea and my Manchester United Football Club. Our exchange on the matter can turn into a feisty with each not giving way to the other. Glorified Manchester United has done it once again but the arrival of Ancelloti this season and the departure of Christano Ronaldo has up the challenge for the rivals.

Every weekend is spent at the soccer field where we conduct soccer lessons for children under ten. He is my coach while I am his manager and together we managed to keep soccer alive for these kids who showed up every weekend. Our effort has rewarded us with two championship through the years and the greatest pride is the one that Chris has played in.

Chris is more of a friend than a son, we spend our time together like most friends do. I am proud of him both as a friend and a son.


fondan said...

there are a lot and i mean A LOT of errors in this essay.

Anonymous said...

Too many serious/basic grammatical mistakes.

Cheque Rai said...

I think the story line is too flat.. Not interesting..some grammatical error..

Anonymous said...

What do u mean by errors